Your Legacy Enrol dashboard provides you with an overview of recent enrollment activity through your form.

The first table will map out all of your applications for the month, including both completed and draft applications.

To the right-hand side of this table, you'll see how many applications have been completed, how many are in draft status, and the average time spent per application.

Below this information and down the side of your dashboard, recently completed applications will be listed and summarized.

Below this, you'll see a suburb heat map, which will show you the areas that your Enrol applications are coming from. This map updates live as applications come in, so you'll always have a recent view of the locations of your applicants.

Below your suburb heat map, you'll see a summary of all of your application statuses and the number of applications against each status.

To the right of this table, you'll see the top 5 suburbs by completed applications.

The final piece of content on your dashboard is the list of the top 5 referring sources for traffic to your Enrol form. This gives you a good idea of your most successful online enrollment drivers.

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