Once you've received completed applications in Enrol, you can schedule and invite applicants to interviews directly through the system.

You can set the availability for individual interviewers to ensure that interviews are being scheduled at times that suit the school.

Click on 'Interviews' in the main menu and then click the green 'Manage availability' button on the right-hand side.

You'll then be shown the Availability calendar. You can view earlier or later dates using the arrows on the top right, or you can change your view from weekly to monthly or daily using the option on the right.

You also have a drop-down option to filter your availability view by interview type and interviewer.

Click into the start time and drag your mouse to the end time of the availability being added. Once you've let go, a pop-up box will show, where you can confirm the date and time.

Click on the 'Interviewer' drop-down and you can select one or more interviewers who are available during this time.

Once you click 'Save', the availability block/s will show in your calendar.

If an interviewer becomes unavailable, you can simply click on their availability block and you'll have the option to delete it.

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