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Upload images to your Digistorm Website
Upload images to your Digistorm Website

Learn best practice and how to upload images to your school's website.

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Clear and effective imagery is crucial to a successful school website. While the clarity of an image is important, images with a very high resolution can sometimes have large file sizes. The issue with large file sizes on websites, however, is that they can slow down page speed, therefore negatively affecting the SEO of the website.

Digistorm recommends a file size of under 2MB for any image uploaded to Website, and schools will be warned when clicking the 'Upload files' button.


File size of photos can be reduced using Photoshop, using free online tools or by requesting web-ready files at under 2MB each, directly from the photographer.

For schools that have uploaded an image to Craft and need to change and update it, they can simply re-upload the image with the same name, causing the original image to be overwritten in Craft.

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