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Custom links for Digistorm Website pages
Custom links for Digistorm Website pages

Learn how to set up custom links for a a campaign page on your school's website.

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There may be instances, for example, while running print or radio campaigns, when your school needs a page to have a short link that is easy to remember.

Within your Craft CMS, the Redirect Manager feature can assist you in creating unique, short links that redirect to any page on your website.

In your left-hand side menu, click 'Redirect Manager'.


You'll be taken to a page that looks like the below.


To create your short link and redirect, click '+ New Static Redirect'.

We'll use the example of a radio campaign about a school's Open Day. The Open Day information page sits in the drop-down from the top navigation under the 'Enrolments', meaning the link is As you can imagine, this link sounds a bit lengthy when said within a radio campaign, so you want it to be

In the 'Legacy URL Pattern' field, add the link you want to promote (/openday). In the 'Destination URL' field, add the page link that the information is on, to which /openday will redirect.


Once you've entered this information, click 'Save'.

Anyone who types in will automatically be taken to

Remember that the shortened link being redirected can't already exist on the website.

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