How to create a new Website page

Learn the steps for creating a page on your Digistorm Website.

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It is important to note that each Digistorm Website client has a different website structure, however, all schools will use the CMS (Content Management System), Craft to make changes to their website.

Within Craft, a website page is categorized under 'Entries'. You can access your existing pages and add new pages using the 'Entries' link in the left-hand menu.

Depending on the structure of your website, you will have different content under the 'CHANNELS' and 'STRUCTURES' lists on the Entries page.

'Articles' are blog-style posts - again, depending on your website structure, you may or may not use this feature and it may have a different name.

To add a new page to your website, click the 'New Entry' button on the top right-hand side. Use the drop-down beside it to select the 'CHANNEL' or 'STRUCTURE' under which your new page should sit.

Remember that unless you have disabled the Entry or scheduled it for a date in the future, clicking 'Save' will publish it automatically.

If you need assistance creating a page based on your particular website structure, please contact

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