As we all know, life is unpredictable! Sometimes, families may need to change their original event registration to an alternative time. The good news is that you can do this easily within Funnel in a just few simple steps.

From the leads page, use the table search to search the relevant name and select the checkbox alongside the family. This will expose the bulk action options across the top of the table.


Next, click 'more', then 'add to event', and then select the event you wish to move them to.


Once you've added the family to their new event you can proceed to remove their original registration. Navigate to the events module, locate the relevant event, and search the table for their registration. Once you've located it, select the three grey dots and click delete. This will remove their registration from this particular event so they are now only in the updated event.


If you are rescheduling an event time, filter your leads by the original event as shown below then select those leads and follow the above steps to add them to your new event.

Alternatively, you can email these registrants the link to your event registration form so they can register themselves into the new time that suits them.

Pro tip! Select the checkbox alongside their name in the new event and send them an email featuring the event details content block so they have their new details on hand for future reference.

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