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Export Data from Your Website

How to export form submissions from your school website

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To export form submissions data as an Excel CSV file from your school website, log into Craft CMS and navigate to Form manager in the left side menu and select Exports.

Next, select the +New export button at the top-right of the page.

From the New export page, you can select which Form you'd like to export.

Choose a Name for the export (this helps you differentiate between which exports you have done).

You can then select which fields you'd like to show in the CSV by toggling the switches next to the fields in the Include in export column. You can change what you'd like the column to be titled via the free-text fields on the far right.

Further down the page, you can choose to set criteria for the export, allowing you to filter what is exported. For example: if you'd like to export data for a specific year level, you would choose the field Year Level of Entry (i.e. Kindergarten) and the desired year level for Criteria.

Note: Not all fields have the ability to filter, adding in criteria is not mandatory. When you're ready to export the data, scroll to the top of the page and click Start.

A CSV file will download onto your computer (file name: 'export.csv').

If you'd like to save a record of your previous export, you can use the down arrow next to the Start button to perform a Save and start action.

This will export the CSV file and save a reference of this export in the Exports section within Craft.

Note: A saved export only shows the form data from that period, it will not include any new form submissions received after that period.

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