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Creating page redirects on your Digistorm Website
Creating page redirects on your Digistorm Website

Direct users to new pages when content has been moved

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Creating redirects within your Digistorm Website allows you to point direct users to new pages when content has been moved. It also allows you to create ‘friendlier’ URLs your visitors can use with ease.

Static redirects

Static redirects allow you to implement a simple page-to-page redirect, such as /enrolment to /student-info/enrolment. A common use case for these includes when you move content within your site and would like existing links to remain active.

It's important to note that if you create a link to an entry within your Digistorm Website, the link will be automatically updated when you move the content. To create a static redirect, click the create static redirect’ button on the redirects page and fill in the required information.

Dynamic redirects

Dynamic redirects are an advanced feature and are not recommended for general use. If you feel as if you have a use for a dynamic redirect, please contact Digistorm Support at

The Statistics category allows you to see the number of users visiting your site that have been pointed to a new page by a defined redirect.

Please note: you will only be able to add a maximum of 100 redirects. If you have reached the limit, you can try removing redirects with 0 hits:

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