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Funnel + DocuSign integration FAQ
Funnel + DocuSign integration FAQ

Everything you need to know about our Funnel + DocuSign integration.

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Note: This integration is currently in beta testing.

How does the integration work?

The Funnel + DocuSign integration enables envelopes or signatures to be automatically sent once a family completes an enrolment application. The envelope is sent via DocuSign and contains enrolment contract information of the specific student. The integration also allows signatures of multiple guardians, ensuring all required guardians have agreed to the school’s terms.

The Funnel + DocuSign integration allow admissions teams to streamline their enrollment experience while easily collecting guardian signatures and ensuring contract compliance.

How do I set up a DocuSign account?

Get in touch with your Digistorm Client Success Manager, who'll set up a meeting with DocuSign to make sure you are on a compatible plan with our integration.

What do I need to set up the integration?

Once you have a compatible DocuSign account set up, you'll need to create a template that we can use to send to parents/guardians upon form completion.

Below are a few essentials to remember when setting up your template:

  • Set the signing fields for your parent/guardian to sign when they receive the envelope

  • Include a clear and concise subject line, so the recipients know what they're about to sign.

  • Set an automated reminder to follow up if the recipient hasn't signed after so many days.

What information can I see in DocuSign?

When an application is submitted, you can log in to DocuSign to see the envelope sent via Managed > Envelope > Sent. From here, you'll be able to see the form name, email address, and full name the envelope has been sent to, allowing you to cross-match the application from Funnel.

What data from DocuSign can I see in Funnel?

You're not currently able to view the signed agreement in Funnel. However, this functionality is part of our future roadmap to show the signed agreement status from DocuSign within the lead details.

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