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Legacy Enrol Migration FAQ

Exciting times! You're being migrated from Legacy Enrol to Funnel Enrol. In this post, we'll answer any questions you may have.

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We've been sunsetting our Legacy Enrol platform over the last few months, and in this post we'll go through what this means for you and your system.

Why is this change occurring?

We're retiring our legacy Enrol system and migrating all existing accounts to our new and improved enrolment system: Funnel. This means the way you access and view your enrolment data will change, and your enrolment forms will be rebuilt into a new format. The communication (styling both internal notification and communications to parents) has been improved.

Why are legacy enrol clients being migrated to Funnel Enrol?

We've developed a more powerful system to assist with enrolment management. This includes improvements to the user interface, data processing, and form usability. We pride ourselves on implementing continuous improvements within our Digistorm products, and managing and supporting two separate systems is not conducive to that. Once migrated to Funnel, you'll experience ongoing product and service improvements.

Who'll be impacted when a school is migrated?

Anyone who accesses your current legacy Enrol system to view or action the application data will be impacted by this migration and how they access data. Parents will also experience the new and improved forms!

How long will it take?

Your new forms have already been built, we just need you to review them and let us know when you're happy to go live with the changes. From the Migration Meeting to go live, your new forms and Funnel system can go live within 2 weeks.

What do you need from me/our school?

We've built your new forms, with the imagery, branding, payment details, integration, and notification email content and contact as per your current forms. All we need from you is to:

  • Review the changes

  • Make any amendments via the User Managed Forms functionality

  • Test any integrations

  • Provide feedback

  • Most importantly, share the news and training material of the migration with any of your team members who use the current enrol system, or it's data

What happens to my per annum invoice?

This won't change. Because Digistorm is incorporating all functionality (and more) into a new platform, this will continue as is and your school will be billed the same amount under the respective new tier. The next invoice you see will say Funnel (insert Tier name).

What exactly will change?

Where you won't have access:

  • You can't edit a form on behalf of a family. You can edit the data that's stored against the lead, but not the application itself.

  • You can't set the notification email contacts for your form submissions. These will be set up by us and you can let us know if they need to be updated.

Who's my Digistorm contact for this migration process?

Your current CSM will be with you every step of the way. They'll get you confident with Funnel and processing your applications straight away.

Will we be trained?

Absolutely! Once you're ready to view and test your new forms you'll receive training materials to watch and read, which covers all of the functionality updates included in the migration.

It's important to share this information with the relevant stakeholders at your school. If you or your team need any further training, you can work out a time directly with your CSM.

What happens to my existing data?

Your existing data will be migrated to your new system, and will be accessible the moment you log in.

Will all the data be synced from the initial project delivery?

Yes, if you'd like all the application data imported from your initial go live, we can import it all!

Can we select specific data sets to import (such as applications from last year only)?

Yes, we can import applications based on the completion date. So, if you only want your applications from the last 12 months or 2 years, we can do that.

I have custom reports in my legacy Enrol that I love; where will I find those now?

Your CSM will work through setting these up in your Funnel as part of your training. These will now be accessed and available to export as Lists, in a much faster and more user-friendly manner.

The Finance team at my school access a report from our existing Enrol system. How will they do this in Funnel?

There's a dedicated training video and support articles on how to access the Finance information in the payments module. Your Finance team can connect with your CSM for additional training if required.

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