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View the form completion information on the leads table
View the form completion information on the leads table

View the completion date and source form information fields by adding them to your leads table.

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If you'd like to see the form completion date while viewing and filtering your leads, you can add this as a column to your table.

The form completion date can be very important when setting priorities of viewing applications and/or offering positions.

If the lead has submitted multiple submissions, the most recent submission date will be listed, and the additional submission dates will be indicated in the column for reference. Remember, you can select the column heading to reorder the table based on this field.

The date will only be listed for your enrolment type forms.

Source form and Created source are also available to be added and viewed on your leads table. This information refers to how the lead was created in your Funnel.

For example, the Created source column will list options such as 'via Funnel' (meaning they were manually added), 'Import' (they were added during initial bulk import) or 'Form' (their details were created via a form submission). You can click on this column heading once it's been added to your table to group the data in this way.

The Source Form column indicates which integrated form (if any) created the lead in your Funnel.

If it wasn't a form that created the lead, then the Source Form field will say Empty and further information will be listed in the Created Source column. For example, the lead below was manually created in Funnel, so the Source form field is empty, and Funnel is listed as the leads 'created source'.

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