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Common tech terms for your website
Common tech terms for your website

Understand your website terminology

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Website terminology 101... all the lingo you need to know to understand your website!

Domain name

Your unique website address. For example, ours is


Short for search engine optimisation. This means improving your school’s website visibility in search results


Data that describes the content found on a website page. This appears in search engine results and link previews

Alt Text

Alternative text is a descriptive text attribute added to an HTML image tag, meaning it describes a photo used on a website


Assets usually refers to any item that helps our team design. This might include things like brand guidelines and images


Where your website is stored


Pronounced “cash”, a cache can help enable faster page load times by storing information more efficiently. It can be enabled through the CMS as well as the server software


What You See Is What You Get. A web editor that allows you to see what content will look like without needing to know the code


The portion of the URL in a web address that comes after the top-level domain, for example the word slug in

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