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How can I change the enrolment stage of a Lead in Funnel?

Each school's enrolment stages will be unique depending on the school's requirements and will be set by Digistorm in the Funnel setup process. Schools that use Digistorm Enrol in conjunction with Funnel will have automation that moves their Leads through the enrolment pipeline after a completed online enrolment. Contact Digistorm for more information about this. 

The stage of each Lead will be displayed on the top left-hand side of their Lead detail view. 




In order to move a Lead into a different stage, first hover over the different points to view the other stages.




Click the stage into which you'd like the Lead to move and you'll be presented with a pop-up asking you to confirm the move.




If you confirm, the Lead stage will change immediately and will be reflected both on the top left-hand side of the Lead's profile and on their timeline.




It is important to note that you can skip enrolment stages or move the Lead back to a prior stage if required. 

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