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What is a Filter in Funnel and how do I create one?

When you're in the 'All Leads' view in Funnel, you can create Filters in order to see Leads based on specific information. Start the process by clicking the 'Filter' button on the top right hand side.


You will then have the option to create a rule based on any data field in the system. Click the drop-down to select your data field. You also have the option to add '+AND' and '+OR' rules using the buttons beside and below the drop-down. 


We'll use a basic example, imagining we want to see all of our Leads that have come through from the website. Select 'Enquiry source' from the list, select 'equals' and select Website from the next list. You will be shown the Leads complying with your conditions immediately and you can then save this as a Segment by clicking 'Save'.


If you click 'Save', you'll be presented with a pop-up asking you to save the Segment and to name it.


Once you've entered a name and clicked 'Create Segment', you will be taken to your Segment view and your Segment will appear in your Segments list on the left hand side.


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