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What is a Segment in Funnel and how do I create one?

Segments in Funnel are created by individual schools - they are designed to dynamically group Leads based on any condition or field selected by the school. For example, schools could create a Segment that groups all of the Leads for children entering Year 2 in 2019 that have never been contacted. The school can then save this Segment and refer back to it, as any Lead added in future that is a child entering Year 2 in 2019 that has never been contacted will automatically appear in the Segment. 

Segments can be found on the left hand side of Funnel - if your school has never created a Segment, the area will be blank and if it has, Segments will be listed here. 


In order to create a Segment, school can either create a Filter in their All Leads view (see the guide here) or they can click the '+Add Segment' button in the left hand side menu.

Let's use the '+Add Segment' button and the above Segment example to run through how they are created. 

Upon clicking this button, you will be offered a condition field. You can add as many conditions as you'd like. 


The following conditions will be added for our example: 

  1. Proposed Year Level - equals - Year 2, AND
  2. Proposed Entry Year - equals - 2019, AND
  3. Last Contacted - is empty


This generates Leads for us, which we can then save as a Segment so that future leads that match our conditions automatically enter it. Click the 'Save' button and you'll be presented with a pop-up.


Name your Segment and click 'Create Segment' and you'll be taken to your Segment view. Your Segment will also show in the Segment list on the left hand side of the page. 


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