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How can I make bulk changes to my leads?

Funnel's 'bulk actions' functionality allows you to easily make changes, send emails, or complete other tasks for multiple leads at the same time.

Whether you're using a filter, static, or a dynamic list, once you've grouped the leads that you'd like to update, simply click the checkbox at the very top of the list to select all of the leads or select individually the checkboxes alongside the relevant lead. 




You'll now be able to choose from the following bulk actions: 

  • Bulk edit: allows you to change any of the lead specific fields in bulk, including lead stage and lead owner
  • Email: allows you to send an email to your selected leads.
  • Add to static list: this option allows you to add all of the selected leads to one of your existing lists.
  • Add to an event: use this option to add the selected leads to one of your upcoming events
  • Subscribe to automation: adds them to an automation you have built in your Funnel
  • Export: provides you with file options such as Microsoft Excel or CSV file to export your selection
  • Remove from list: if the leads you have selected are a part of a static list you will be able to remove them from that list through bulk action options
  • Merge: allows you to choose two leads that are the same child to merge the details of both onto one lead record one target lead
  • Delete: allows you to delete all of the selected Leads. You will be prompted with a pop-up asking whether you're sure you'd like to complete the deletion, however, be aware that once deleted, this action cannot be undone.


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