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What is a list and how do I create one?

A Funnel list is a collection of leads that can be created based on any combination of lead details. Unlike Segments, lists are static, meaning that leads can only be added or removed manually (they don't automatically update themselves). 

To create a new list, simply click the 'add list' button in the left-hand side menu on your Funnel dashboard.




Here, you'll be prompted to give your new list a name. 




Once you've added a name, click 'create list' then your new list will appear on the menu on the left-hand side of your page. Select the 'all leads' view to choose which leads you'd like to add to your new list. 




Now you can click the 'bulk actions' button and select 'add to list.'




From here you'll be presented with your existing lists – select the list you wish to add these leads to and click 'add.'




Your list will now contain all of the leads you just added. 




Don't forget, you can remove leads from your list at any time by selecting the leads you wish to remove, clicking 'bulk actions,' and then 'remove from list.'



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