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How do I manage my Tasks in Funnel?

Each Funnel User can be assigned Tasks to complete in relation to a Lead, either by themselves or by another User.

The Tasks tab on the top navigation is where Tasks are managed. The below screen will display if you do not have any Tasks currently incomplete and assigned to you.


Click the 'Add Task' button on the top right hand side to add a new Task (you can also add Tasks from the Lead detail view - see this task for more information). You can also change your view to see Complete Tasks or All Tasks using the drop-down menu to the left.


Once you've clicked 'Add Task', a window will appear, asking you to add the assignee, title, description and due date of the Task.


Once you click 'Save Task', the Task will show in the list on your 'My Tasks' page.


You can then use the drop-down menu on the right hand side to Edit or Delete your Task, or you can click on the tick icon on the left hand side to mark your Task as completed.

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