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How can I send a Communication in Funnel?

You can send email Communications to Leads, Segments or Lists, directly from Funnel. 

To get started, either select the Leads you'd like to send to and follow the process below, or select a Segment or List and use the 'New Email' button on the top right. 


Once you've selected the Leads you wish to send to, click the 'Bulk Actions' button and click 'Send new email'. 


Give your email a name - note that this name is internal only. Once you've named your email, click 'Create email'.


You will then be prompted to prepare your email. Below is a demonstration.


The boxes across the top will provide you with the following information: 

  • Title: this is the title you have given your email. You can change your email title here.
  • When to send: you can select whether you'd like to send your email immediately or schedule it to send in the future
  • Recipients Source: this indicates whether you have manually selected your recipients or whether they are from a Segment or List
  • Recipients: this indicates the number of recipients who will receive your Communication and any that are invalid or unsubscribed

When composing your email, you can add the following: 

  • Subject: write an engaging and relevant subject line to encourage recipients to open their email
  • Body: add the content that recipients will read when they open your email. You can bold, italicise, underline or link your text
  • Cal to action: add a button with text and one link that you would like recipients to click on
  • Signature: add an email signature to personalise the email 

On the right hand side, you will see a preview of your email which will update live as you make changes.

If you're not ready to send your email yet, you can Save draft and close and then come back to it later, otherwise you can Send now or Schedule if you've decided to send your Communication in the future.

There is also a Delete option if you're not happy with your email and wish to delete it permanently.

If you choose to send your email, you will need to confirm your selection.


You will then be taken into your Communications page and be shown a chronological list of your Communications. Click the Communication name for a report.


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