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What information can I find on my Funnel dashboard?

Your Funnel dashboard provides a quick, visual snapshot of where your leads are in your enrolment stages, outstanding tasks, your latest activity, and any relevant enrolment resources. 




Let's take a closer look at the functionalities available within your Funnel dashboard

  • Enrolment Funnel: Your enrolment funnel displays the number and percentage of leads within your system that have successfully reached each enrolment stage.
  • Enrolment Stage Snapshot: Allows you to gain a quick view of the number of leads at each enrolment stage.
  • Total Leads by Month: Just as it sounds, this feature displays the total leads in your Funnel system each month.
  • My Tasks: Shows any outstanding tasks that have been assigned to you.
  • Latest Activity: Take a closer look at all of the latest actions that have been made by your team within the system.
  • Enrolment Resources: A list of free Funnel and customer relationship management resources.


It's important to note that we offer three default dashboard views to choose from and provide the functionality for you to create and save your own too! To create a new dashboard, click on the 'actions' button at the top-right, and select 'create dashboard' from the drop-down menu.




You'll need to give your new dashboard a name and short description. Once you've done this, click 'create.' Your new dashboard will appear in the Dashboard drop-down menu. 




Enter the name of your new dashboard – now it's time to add some widgets. Simply search for the widget you wish to add and click the 'add widget' button. Continue this step to build out your new dashboard view. 


If you need a hand with your Funnel account, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. 

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