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What information will I find on my Funnel Dashboard?

Your Funnel Dashboard provides you with a quick, visual summary of your Enrolment stages, as well as your Tasks, your Latest Activity and a list of relevant Enrolment Resources. 


Enrolment Funnel: this graph shows you the number and percentage of Leads in your system that have successfully reached each stage.

Enrolment Stage Snapshot: this graph gives you a quick view of the number of Leads at each enrolment stage.

Total Leads by Month: this graph shows the total Leads in your Funnel system each month.

My Tasks: if you have any outstanding Tasks assigned to you, they will show here.

Latest Activity: here you'll see the latest actions made by your team in the system.

Enrolment Resources: this section will list a number of free learning resources related to Funnel and to customer relationship management for you to read.

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