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What kind of attachments can I add to my eduAPP Calendar event?

In order to provide all of the relevant information about your school's events, you can add certain types of attachments to your Calendar events in your eduAPP.

When creating or editing your event, click on '+Attachment' to add:

  • Address: let your community know where the event is. Input the full address and a Google Map will be presented in your eduAPP showing the location.
  • Contact: add a contact including a phone number and email in case anyone in your community needs to get in touch regarding the event. In your eduAPP, users will only have to tap on the email or phone number for their mail client to be opened or their call to start.
  • File: add an image, document or flyer for your event.
  • Link: if more information can be found online, add a link so that your community can quickly and easily access the page it's on.
  • Map: if you have existing maps in Reach, you can select a map from your drop-down list and add it to your Calendar event.

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