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At which points do applicants receive emails from Enrol?

There are three automated emails that an applicant will receive throughout their application process in Enrol.

1. Welcome Email

 As soon as an applicant begins their application process and enters their email, they will receive a 'Welcome Email' thanking them for beginning the process and providing them with a link so that they can pause their application and return to it at any time.



2. Reminder email

If an applicant begins their application and doesn't return to it for seven days, they will receive a 'Reminder Email' prompting them to complete the application process.



3. Completion Email

Once an applicant has completed their application and paid their application fee, they will receive an email thanking them for their application and confirming its' receipt. Attached to this email will be an invoice for their payment and a PDF copy of their application. 



If you use the 'Interview' function through Enrol, applicants will also receive emails regarding their interview. 

Invitation Email

If you invite the applicant for an interview, they will receive an email with a link to view and select available time slots. 



Confirmation Email

Once the applicant has selected their preferred interview time, they will receive an email with a confirmation of their interview and a link to make changes if required.



You can manage the content of these emails through the Enrol system's 'Settings'. 

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