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How do I add or update Website forms in Craft?

If you use forms on your Website, you may need to change or add new forms from time to time. When logged into Craft, click on 'Form Manager' in the left menu to access your existing forms and add new ones. The 'Form Manager' option will expand to show a number of additional links.



  • Submissions: at this link, you'll see a full list of submissions that website visitors have put through all of your forms. The list will include details such as the form through which the submission came and the date and time. Clicking on individual submissions will show you all of the submission details. You will also have the option to filter by form type.



  • Forms: at this link, you'll see a list of all of your forms. You can click on any of these forms to edit them, or you can add a new form by clicking the 'New Form' button on the top right-hand side. Please note that for existing and new forms, you will only have the option to add existing 'Fields'. See the next bullet point for more information.



  • Fields: at this link, you'll see a list of all of the fields you've specified. You will need to create any fields you intend to use in your forms at this link prior to adding them. You can specify the name of the field and the type of entry you require from the user, including format and length. Click a 'Field' to edit it or click the 'New Field button on the top right-hand side to add a new field.



  • Exports: at this link, you'll see a list of prior data exports from your forms, and you can click 'New Export' to download a new set of data. 



  • Settings: there are a number of settings available for forms - we recommend contacting for assistance with your form settings.


How do I add an email recipient drop-down to my form?

If you want your form to have the option of being submitted to various email addresses, you can add a drop-down where the user can indicate where they'd like their form to be sent. 

Click on 'Fields' in your left-hand side menu.




Click the '+New field' button on the top right-hand side.

Give your field a name and it will automatically generate your 'Handle'. IMPORTANT: Copy your Handle, you will need to paste is elsewhere in the coming steps.

Add instructions that will appear for the user.

In 'Field Type', select 'Dropdown'.

Add your Dropdown Options - in the left 'Option Label' column, add what you'd like the label (email) to be called, and in the 'Value' column, enter the corresponding email address for the form to be sent to. 




Click 'Save' and then click on 'Forms'.




Click on the form you'd like to add the email options for. In the 'Handle' field, add this bracket: { then paste your handle that you copied, then add a closing bracket: }.

For our example, it would look like this: {enquiryDepartment}.

Once completed, click 'Save'.



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