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What do the coloured dots beside my eduSITE pages in Craft mean?

When managing your eduSITE pages within your Craft CMS, you may have noticed a coloured dot beside each page. The colour is either white, green, red or orange and each stands for a different page status. You can use the dropdown above your page list to sort by status - see the screenshot below.


  • Live: your page is published live online and is currently accessible
  • Pending: your page has been drafted by an user of your Craft CMS who does not have publishing permission. The page requires the approval of a website administrator in order to change to Live status
  • Expired: the publisher of your page has set an expiry date for the page, so it is no longer live or available online
  • Disabled: your page has been disabled by a user of your Craft CMS so that it is no longer live or available online

If you have a page that you would no longer like to have available on your eduSITE, you can quickly change its' status from Live to Disabled.

Select the page using the checkbox on the left and click the 'status' button on the top menu. You can then click 'Disabled' to make your page no longer live, or vice versa to make a disabled page live again. 


 Alternatively, you can click the cog icon on the top menu to delete a page - it's important to note that deleting a page means that you will no longer be able to access it again in future. 


When changing a page status, you will not need to use a 'Save' button - the change will take place immediately.

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