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What options do I have to address guardians in Funnel Communications using personalization tokens?

We offer a way to use personalization tokens so that you can address families and individuals more gracefully when communicating via Funnel.

You can:

  • address two guardians on a formal or casual basis
  • account for guardians with different surnames by addressing both last names in the Formal token

See below guardian address token options and how these display on sending. The email will populate with the relevant guardian name associated to the email address being sent the email.


Screen_Shot_2021-04-06_at_3.42.35_pm.png.               Screen_Shot_2021-04-06_at_3.44.39_pm.png



The nominated primary guardian will appear first in the tokens that include all associated guardians. Your school can choose and change who the primary guardian is by editing this on the lead page. 

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