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How to use if/then branches in your automation

Use if/then branches in your automations to direct subscribed leads down one path or another based on set conditions.


Add an if/then branch

  • In your Funnel account, navigate to More > Automations
  • Click the name of an existing automation, or create a new automation by clicking the + New Automation button in the top right corner.
  • Once you've set an automation trigger, click on the + plus icon to add a new action.




  • In the left panel, select if/then branch.
  • Select the trigger condition and then select the if/then branch criteria options.




Add multiple branches

You can add multiple branches to an if/then action. All subscribed leads will be evaluated against each branch in the order that the branches are set. For example, if a lead meets the first branch condition criteria, they’ll proceed down to that YES branch without being evaluated against other branches.  


Add actions after an if/then branch

To guide subscribed leads through each YES or NO branch, you can add actions below each branch. 

  • Click the plus icon +  to add an action under the YES or under the NO branch. In the example below, if a contact opened an invitation to your open day tour, but didn’t click the link to register, they will go down the relevant YES or NO branch.
  • Click the plus icon + to add more actions as needed. If no other actions are added, the automation will finish after the last action.  




If you forget to add an if/then branch to your automation, you can always add one after any action by clicking the plus icon +. You will then be able to choose where any of your pre-existing actions underneath the new if/then branch should go.


If you need a hand with setting up your if/then branches, please contact Digistorm Support: 


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