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Updating old lead filters

We've made some changes to the way you're able to filter leads in Funnel. By logging and navigating to Leads > Filter in the top navigation, you'll notice that the lead field type has been split into categories that better suit the filter you've selected.




It's important to note that you're using a saved lead filter view where several conditions are using a legacy filter, these filters will be removed or migrated soon, so please choose a different filter. A pop-up notification like the one below will indicate if you've selected a legacy filter.




Below, we've included some examples to help you convert your old lead property filter into this new format. 


Old lead property filter New lead property filter
Lead > Stage Pipeline Stages > {Stage} > Contact is in stage
Guardian > First Name Guardian Properties > First Name
Guardian > Last Name Guardian Properties > Last Name
Guardian > Email Guardian Properties > Email
Guardian > Phone Guardian Properties > Phone
Guardian > Gender Guardian Properties > Gender
Guardian > Disallow Communication Guardian Properties > Disallow Communication
Data Sources > Source Form Lead Sources > Form > {Form}
Data Sources > Source Form Entry Status Lead Sources > Form > Entry Status
Data Sources > Action
Data Sources > Source Type
Data Sources > Occurred at
Lead Sources > {Source Type} > {created|updated} > {Date Range}
Data Sources > Entry ID Lead Sources > Form > Entry ID
Activity > Type
Activity > Logged By
Activity > Occurred At
Lead Activities > {Activity Type} > {Logged By|Occurred At} > {Value}
Events > Event Name Events > {Event Type} > {Event} > Contact registered for event
Events > Event Type Events > {Event Type} > {Any} > Contact registered for event
Events > Start At Events > {Event Type|Any} > {Event|Any} > Starts At
Events > Location Events > {Event Type|Any} > {Event|Any} > Location
Events > Attendance Events > {Event Type|Any} > {Event|Any} > {Attendance}
Events > Registered At Events > {Event Type|Any} > {Event|Any} > Registered At


If you need a hand with updating your old lead filters, please contact Digistorm Support:


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