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How do I access and use the Funnel check In app?

The Funnel Events module comes with a handy check-in app to help manage attendance on the day of your event. By using the app you will be able to update the attendance within your event in real-time. 


To get started, you'll need to download the app from the app store by searching Funnel. Once downloaded, use your regular Funnel login credentials to access the app.


You'll notice there are two modes within the app: parent and admin. The parent mode offers a branded experience and is intended to be displayed on a mobile device, allowing parents to search their name or register their details as a walk-in. 


The admin mode is designed for staff and students to greeting attendees and register them for the event. admin users can search names in the global search functionality and be presented with possible matches. If the attendees did not pre-register for the event, they can provide their details to be added in as a walk-in.


For extra security, there is a passcode set to restrict accidental movement between modes. The passcode is visible and can be managed in your Funnel Account Settings. 




To move from parent mode to admin mode tap your school logo a few times in quick succession until you are greeted with the passcode screen. Enter your passcode and you will be taken to admin mode. 


Pro tip! Remember to be prepared for your upcoming events. Test the Funnel app and always check the app store on any device you intend to use to make sure there are no available updates to process. Don't forget to have the devices charged. If you are concerned about connectivity on the day remember to export your event registration list from within your Funnel account and print it to have it on hand. 

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