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Register for an iOS developer account
Register for an iOS developer account

Learn how to register an Apple iOS developer account for your school.

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In 2018, Apple introduced new compliance rules for apps on the iOS App Store. Under these rules, Apple requires all schools to host their app in an iOS developer account, registered under the contact copyright holders name.

Since 2020, Apple's Developer Program membership is now available at no cost for all accredited educational institutions. The Apple Developer program is the best way for schools to publish and distribute their own apps on the App Store. You can register your account here.

Previously, schools had to pay a fee to join the Developer Program.

To register for your iOS developer account, you’ll need a DUNS number. All Australian businesses receive a DUNS number when they’re registered with ASIC. To search for your DUNS number, visit this link.

When using your DUNS number to register your Apple account, you’ll also need to confirm the contact details connected to your DUNS number (i.e. phone, email, and company name).

It’s essential for these details to accurately match the details connected to the DUNS number, otherwise, Apple won’t be able to verify your registration. For example, the format of your phone number will need to match, and your company name will need to be exactly the same.

If you don't have an existing membership, but are planning on releasing a school app, it's a good idea to apply for the Apple Developer Program. To do this, you will need to register your account as normal, selecting the option to request a fee waiver during the process. If your fee waiver is approved, you will not be charged for your membership when you complete the application.

Once Apple has confirmed and set up your account, you’ll be able to invite Digistorm as an admin to your account, and provide the following permissions to the Developer Resources:


If you have an existing Developer Program Membership, you can submit a fee waiver at any time before your membership expiration date. You will need to sign in with your organization's Apple ID. At this time, you will not be able to apply for a full or partial refund for your existing membership. This means, you can only apply for the fee waiver for future renewals.

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