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Everything you need to know about using your Digistorm App

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How to log onto your App's Content Management System
Getting started with your app
Making changes to your App
Add contacts to your app Business Directory
Learn how to add new contacts to your app
Targeting App content with tags
Adding a Gallery to your app
How do I publish a Notice on the app?
How to manage your App settings and users
Finding your way around your app dashboard
Understanding common terminology for your app
Push notifications are not working on my Digistorm for Schoolbox app
Attachments you can add to Digistorm App Notices
Ideal push notification text length
Make a Digistorm App Notice permanent
Add, remove, or change permissions of Digistorm App admins
How can I edit a Digistorm App Notice that has been saved as a draft?
Edit a published Notice in Digistorm App
Ideal file type and image size for Digistorm App Gallery
Publisher permissions for app notices
Delete App notices: How long does it take?
Can I add or remove images from existing Galleries in the Digistorm App?
How long to delete an App Gallery
Why isn't a map showing in my Digistorm App?
Can I edit a Digistorm App Calendar event that has been published?
I made an error in my Digistorm App push notification, can I change it?
How long to delete an App Newsletter
Managing publishing permission for admin users in Digistorm Apps.
Re-send Notices/Events as push notifications
Supported file types for App newsletters | Digistorm Help Center
App Notice published without push notifications
Add a newsletter in your Digistorm App
Add a new category to Digistorm App Business Directory
Publish a Notice as a push notification
Unmark an ‘Urgent’ Digistorm App Notice
Editing a published App Newsletter
Adding a new map to your Digistorm App
Can I save my Newsletter in my Digistorm App as a draft?
I scheduled my Digistorm App Notice. Why wasn't it published?
Add a new link to your Digistorm App
Supported file types for App Calendar uploads
Which systems can the Digistorm App integrate with?
How to subscribe to the App calendar
Add and schedule notices in your App
Digistorm App: adding calendar events
How long for an App Calendar event to be deleted
How to schedule Digistorm App Newsletter | Digistorm Help Center
Edit a draft Digistorm App Calendar event
Add attachment to Digistorm App Notice | Digistorm Help Center
I added my address as an attachment to my Calendar event. Why isn't a map showing in my Digistorm App?
Digistorm App Calendar event published without a push notification
Digistorm App Newsletter published without a push notification
Importing events into the Digistorm App Calendar
Which details to send to Digistorm Support
Understand the Digistorm App Dashboard
Where to find user App feedback
Manage approvals for your App content
Register for an iOS developer account
My push notification certificate is about to expire, what should I do?
Expired push notification certificate
School App doesn’t appear in App Store
Digistorm App and Google Analytics
Moving from Schoolbox authentication to LDAPS
What App Support is available?
How to update your Apple Developer Program License Agreement
Transfer an app between Apple Developer Accounts
Wonde Integrated Absentee Form
Google Play Developer Accounts
Authentication Set Up - Azure AD / Entra ID
Veracross API creation for your App
Authentication Set Up - ADFS