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Manage approvals for your App content
Manage approvals for your App content

How to manage user settings for publishing content

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If your school has a number of content editors with access to the Digistorm App, you can adjust their user settings to prevent them from publishing content without approval, or to prevent them from publishing content in certain sections of your app.

Changing a user's permissions and removing their ability to publish content to your Digistorm App means that the administrator/s of your account will receive an email notification each time one of those users uploads content. The email notification will let you know that a change has been made that requires approval prior to going live, and will direct you to log in to approve the change.

To change a user's permissions and remove their publishing ability, click the settings cog, then click 'Users'.


You will be taken to a list of all of your users. Locate the user whose permissions you wish to edit and click 'Edit' beside their name.


Scroll down to the 'User permissions' section and you will see a number of options.


Leave 'Publication Notifications' on 'Yes' and change 'Publisher' to 'No'. You can then also untick any destinations or application modules to remove the user's ability to publish to them or edit them.


Once you've made your desired permission changes, click 'Save'.

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