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Where to find user App feedback
Where to find user App feedback

Learn how app users can leave feedback, and where you can view this feedback on your Digistorm App.

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Users of your Digistorm App can submit feedback by opening the app and then tapping on 'Settings' and then 'Feedback'. They are presented with a page that requests their name, email address, and has a text field where feedback can be added. These fields are not mandatory, so users can submit anonymous feedback if they wish to.

Once a user has submitted their feedback, it will appear on your school's Dashboard. You'll see the feedback text, name of submitter if added, time and date it was added, and whether it was positive, neutral, or negative.

You can click on 'View All Feedback' to see a full list. For users who have included an email address, a small email icon will be presented next to their feedback.

Replying where possible is recommended. For positive comments, thank the user for their comments and let them know their feedback is appreciated. For neutral comments, respond to questions where necessary or acknowledge any suggestions and indicate that they are being considered. For negative feedback, do your best to resolve the issue, otherwise, acknowledge the feedback and mention that it is being considered.

It's important to remember that the Feedback that your school receives is not monitored by Digistorm β€” it is implemented and should be managed by your school. If a member of your school community makes a bug fix request or feature request which you'd like implemented, please email it to

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