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Digistorm App: adding calendar events
Digistorm App: adding calendar events

Learn how you can add and publish calendar events to your Digistorm App

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The calendar module is the most accessed module of the Digistorm App, as parents rely on this section for important information.

To add an event, simply select the calendar from the header or the “New Calendar Event” quick link:

From here you can add an event.

Simply add a title for the event, it is recommended that this is kept short and sweet to engage those users that it relates to. Please note that an event requires a title.

If applicable, a description can be added to the event - there is no limit to the size of this.

Events can have a multitude of time and day options. Simply select "All Day" or "Repeat event" to choose from a number of options.

Events can be sent to multiple destinations. In this instance only the School App will be selected to proceed.

Events can be distributed to the Digistorm App as a standard item or broadcast as a Push Notification.

Simply select whether you want to send it as a push or not. Push notifications actively alert users providing that they have this enabled on their device.

When you choose to send a push notification you can customize what you would like the title of the push to be. By default, this will display the title unless you decide to edit it.

Please note: Events sent as push notifications will be broadcast immediately

Events can be targeted to subgroups defined by your school. By default, Everyone will be selected however this can be tailored by selecting the Tag Groups button.

You can select as many or as little tags that apply to the event. This will dictate who can see this event in accordance with their subscriptions selected.

To publish the event, simply select the "Publish now" button.

By selecting Publish now the event will go-live immediately.

Once published, your event will show in the Calendar below - you can click on the event to make changes or to delete it.

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