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Add a new link to your Digistorm App
Add a new link to your Digistorm App

Learn how to add new links to your Digistorm App.

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Adding links to your eduAPP can be a helpful way to provide app users with quick and easy access to important web pages. This could include everything from your school’s website to your social media pages.

Adding Links

You can add new Links to your Digistorm App by clicking the 'More' link in the main navigation and then click 'Links'.

Click on the 'New link' button.

Enter the name, description, and URL for your link, and choose whether or not you wish for the link to open externally (outside of your app). Click 'Save' and your link will appear on your Digistorm App.

You will notice a YES/NO button titled ‘Open Externally’. Use this to select whether or not you wish for your link to open outside of your in-app browser

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