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Add a newsletter in your Digistorm App
Add a newsletter in your Digistorm App

Learn how to add a school newsletter to your Digistorm App.

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To add a Newsletter to your Digistorm App, first click the 'Newsletters' link in the main navigation, then click the 'New Newsletter' button on the left-hand side.

Enter the title for your newsletter, the volume number (if applicable). Your Newsletter can be added as a link if it’s hosted online, or as a PDF document. Add the link or attachment containing your Newsletter by using the green 'Link' and 'Attachment' buttons.

​The file size limit for PDF attachments is 25MB.

You can also choose to send a push notification letting your school know that a new Newsletter is available by clicking 'Yes' in this section.

Select your audience by either clicking 'Everyone' or by selecting from your list of Tags.

Once you’ve added all of the necessary information, publish your Newsletter by clicking ‘Save’ or save. Please note that there is no option to save your Newsletter as a draft.

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