System administrators can manage the permissions for other users of the system. In order to access these permissions, log in to the Digistorm App. Click the Settings cog on the top right-hand side of the page and then click 'Users'.

Once you've clicked users, you'll see a list of existing users that you can edit, and you'll have the option to click 'New User'.

Enter the user's details. You can create a password for them which they can change at a later time and you can add a profile image for them.

Below this, you can set permissions for publishing and for push notifications. Here, you can provide different administrators with access to publish in different sections and to different audiences.

You can also provide different administrators with access to publish to different tags. Below is an example from the Digistorm Support app, but an example related to schools might be a sports teacher who only has permission to publish under the sports tag.

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