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Attachments you can add to Digistorm App Notices
Attachments you can add to Digistorm App Notices

Learn more about different attachment types and how to add them to your Digistorm App notices.

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Attachments are a great way to add extra context or information to your App Notice. To do this, simply click the '+ Attachment' button and select the attachment type you'd like to add. Please note that only one attachment of each type can be added to an individual Notice.

Address: Addresses external to the school can be added to each notice. When the user clicks on the Address attachment within the Notice, it will automatically launch Google or Apple Maps, providing directions to the location.

Contact: You can add details for the main person who users can contact in regards to the Notice. These details will then be displayed in the Notice.

Files: PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoints, and images can uploaded as an attachment to your Notice. Simply select, 'File' to drag and drop into the notice.

Alternatively, choose 'Select File' to launch your file manager and choose a file.

Links: A web link can be added to each Notice. Simply type in the address and ensure that http:// or https:// is included.

Website Form: You can provide a link directly to a form that is located on your school website.


Please note the size limit for attachments is 25mb

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