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Types of enrolment form payment errors
Types of enrolment form payment errors

Troubleshooting potential payment errors in Funnel enrolment forms that you can check with users.

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If a family is having issues completing the payment step of your online form, be sure to confirm the following with the family:

1. Has the web browser been open too long while entering payment information? If so, the security token will expire. In this case, advise the family to close the browser and reopen it via the link they would have received in your email communication to finalise their payment.

2. Do they have a stable internet connection? If their connection is unstable when trying to submit payment, your online form won't be able to communicate with the financial institution's API. Ask them to check their connection and try again. They may also receive a Server Error if they are using a company, school or public WIFI due to a high chance the Digistorm or bank's IP is not whitelisted.

3. Are there insufficient funds in the nominated bank account? Simply confirm these details with the family or by checking these details in your Funnel account. Within the payments module, search for the applicant's name to view any failed payment attempts. By hovering on a failed attempt, you'll be able to see details that will assist with troubleshooting the issue (see below example).


Here are some of the failed attempt messages you might see:

  • Do not honour: indicates that either the CVC number is incorrect, there are insufficient funds in the account, or the issuing bank's fraud filter has been triggered by the supplied details.

  • Invalid Merchant: indicates the acquiring bank doesn't like the issuing bank for the transaction.

  • Insufficient Funds: the required amount isn't available to finalise payment.

  • Invalid Card Number: indicates that the card number doesn't exist.

  • Returned Code: indicates that an AMEX card was used, but the merchant is not set up for AMEX cards.

For additional help with troubleshooting payment errors in Funnel, please get in touch with our friendly support team at

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