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Digistorm Funnel
Learn how to set your Digistorm Funnel up for success
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How to cancel a booking
Managing private and public events
How guardians register for your events
Going Live with your new Funnel
Filter by grade level and academic year
Move a field's position throughout the form
Update your form Welcome, Completion and Unavailable message
Manually add families to your booking
Reschedule any existing bookings
Public or Private Bookings
Add leads to an event from the lead details page
Add or update 5 cover fields on form PDF confirmation
Can I export all of my leads to Excel?
Conditionally show a text block on your form
Add new form pages
Make a form field required or optional
Hide your forms from search engines
Pre-populated forms
SSO for Funnel
iCal attachments on your event and booking emails
How to import your booking types to your own calendar
Save forms as draft, publish, or unpublish
View the form completion information on the leads table
Add help text, default text, and tool tips to your form fields
Removing a Funnel user
Associate a note, task, or activity with multiple leads in a family
How to download all application or lead files
Bookings Module FAQ
Create a new booking type
Funnel Bookings overview
How to create a virtual booking
Set or update your event timezone
Customise your form colours
How to separate merged leads and guardians
Preview your form changes
Set disallow communication on a guardian
Can someone else complete the enrolment application form on behalf of the family?
Editing Form and Page Titles
Edit your event registration table columns
View form change history and revert changes
Managing time slots with confirmed bookings
Create new event types with registration forms
Events Module FAQ
Guardians automatically marked as do not contact
View existing automation subscribers
Booking registration forms
Add attachments to your Funnel Communications
Set up multiple triggered form emails via Automations.
Enrolment form multi-signature functionality FAQs
Request emails for enrolment form signatures
Edit your Funnel event details
Enrol reports to set up in your account
Send event follow up communications
Reschedule registered groups with Funnel events
Funnel event registration table breakdown
Edit any existing form fields and options labels
Manage your event types
How to hide or reorder field options from forms
Email and invite registrants to your event
Edit Funnel event registration emails
Form user portal
Quick actions available from within events
Close events for registration
Funnel Account Permissions - Best Practice
How to manage multiple interviewers in bookings
Duplicate an event
Resend enrolment form reminders and confirmation emails
View and set form completion page redirects
Filter lead timeline by interaction or Funnel user
Create your own Basic Funnel forms
Can I give my Finance staff read-only access to Funnel?
Delete a booking type
Deleting leads or guardians
Update your forms multi-signature functionality
How to delete a Basic Funnel Form
Set events as 'unavailable' in your Events Forms
Add a text block to a form
Sorting by columns ​​
Set field display conditions to hide or show certain fields on your form
Setting up churn rates in Funnel
Import Funnel Events to sync to your own calendar
Funnel Organisational Users
Find leads ready for exporting to your SIS
Sentral API integration creation
"Invalid data error" on TASS
How to reduce duplicate leads and guardians
Funnel + DocuSign integration FAQ
Checking failed TASS export errors in Funnel
Set expiry dates on pre-populated enrol form links
Export Errors - TASS integration
What does it mean when a parent unsubscribes?
I exported my lead and some of the fields are missing
Title-casing names in Funnel
Funnel GraphQL API
Can I upload a video asset to my website?
Understanding Funnel webhooks
Can I report on the lead activities of a particular user?
Unique parent/guardian email address
Funnel file types and file names
Prevent duplicate form submissions
Joining an existing Funnel account
Sharing options available for your forms
When do form applicants receive emails?
How to manually mark a form as paid
How to spell check your Funnel communications
How to create a time slot in your booking calendar
I can't choose my template when emailing my event attendees
How to create a Leads Map report
Enrol forms migrated to your Funnel account.
Legacy Enrol Migration FAQ
Preview your Funnel Communication before sending
How to use the Roll Up function in Funnel
Manage your discount codes
How to create an Entries Comparison report
Learn at which stages families receive emails from Funnel Event registrations
How to create a Pipeline Stage Analysis report.
Are enrolment payments safe?
Is there a printable version of my blank form?
Resend an email from Funnel
What is the Productivity Report?
Date filter options in Funnel reports
What does Lead Source Type mean?
Can I print the application form to markup changes I want to make?
Funnel Communication Images
What does Days Idle mean?
Will families get duplicate emails if they have submitted an enquiry for each of their children?
Sending an email to all Funnel leads
Can I schedule emails in Funnel?
Prepare for your upcoming event
Event Reporting Dashboard
Lead matching in Funnel - how it works
How to track page conversions with Google Analytics
Filter leads by Event information
Switching over to Google Analytics 4
Guardian matching in Funnel - how it works
Create your own Recommendation form
Funnel + Feesable Integration
Views available in your Leads Module
Funnel Events Self Check in QR Code
Edit your table columns
How do I use the Lead Conversion Report?
Reopening a closed or lost lead in Funnel
What is in the Leads Module?
Add registrants to your Funnel Events
Bulk actions available within an Event
Manage and filter your Events in the Events module
Event Registration Forms
How to export to your SIS from Funnel
Forms Best Practice Guide
Funnel Form Translations FAQs
What is the 'lead owner field'?
Funnel Form Editor FAQs
Online Form Improvements FAQs
Manually check event attendees in
Getting started in Funnel
Add New Lead to an existing family
How do I navigate my way around Funnel?
Customise Funnel Lead Summary Download
How to log into Funnel
Merge Duplicate Guardians
See Funnel communication recipients
Send a communication to selected recipients
Digistorm Funnel and Enroller integration
Merge Families in Funnel
Forms referral traffic report
Archiving Data in Funnel
Adding New Closed Lost reasons
Delete Incomplete Applications
Incorrectly associated siblings
Cancelling or deleting Funnel Events
Application Form Discounts & Coupons
Understanding form status: incomplete and incomplete valid
View and export payment information
Learn about Funnel reports
Funnel Communications Reporting
UTM tracking on online forms
Set lead and guardian snapshot fields
Create a Funnel dashboard
Manually add a new lead
Manage your Funnel users
Change existing guardian data
Change existing lead data in Funnel
Add new guardians to existing leads
How can I add a Note, Activity or Task related to a Lead in Funnel?
Create a lead-related task in Funnel
How can I change the enrolment stage of a Lead in Funnel?
Change my Funnel password
Changing your personal Funnel details
What’s a filter, and how do I make one?
What is a dynamic list in Funnel and how do I create one?
How to copy a dynamic list in Funnel
Forgotten password? Here’s what to do
How can I search for a lead in Funnel?
How can I make bulk changes to my leads?
Static lists and how to create them
How do I send communications in Funnel?
How do I manage my tasks in Funnel?
Funnel dashboard overview
What is lead scoring?
Communication subscription categories
How to see who unsubscribed
Using personalisation tokens in Funnel emails.
What is two-factor authentication?
Create email templates in Funnel
Add an email signature
How do I create an event in Funnel?
What is an event type?
About the Digistorm API
Funnel to SIS export is failing
What Funnel support do you offer?
Filtering leads by number of guardians
Available font types for Funnel Communications?
View and export 'disallow communication' leads
Funnel Communications: using personalisation tokens for guardians
How to create a Funnel automation
How to set up automation actions
Manage your automation settings
Automations: using if/then branches
Manually subscribe automation leads
AND/OR logic in Funnel automations
How to deactivate your automation
Create email templates for automations
View automation activity log
Automations FAQs
Manage Funnel event registrant details
At what point do applicants receive automated emails when completing a form?
Types of enrolment forms payment errors
Using the Funnel check in-app at events
Tracking page views on Funnel forms
Editing Funnel form automated emails
View lead field edit history
Merge Duplicate Leads
Getting the most out of Funnel reports
View form entries in the Forms module
What's a Folder and how do I create one?