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How to deactivate your automation
How to deactivate your automation

Learn how to deactivate an automation you've set up within Funnel.

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Learn how to deactivate your automation and what happens to leads in your automation.

Deactivate your automation

To deactivate your automation:

  • In your Funnel account, navigate to more > automations

  • Next to the name of your automation, click the status toggle button to deactivate the automation.


To confirm that your automation has been deactivated, a deactivated automation pop-up will appear at the top right of your dashboard.

What happens to leads that are subscribed to your automation?

When an automation is deactivated, leads who meet the required conditions will not be subscribed to the automation. The automation is effectively paused and will not execute any scheduled actions within the automation.

If you need a hand deactivating an automation in Funnel, contact Digistorm Support:

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