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Manage your automation settings
Manage your automation settings

Learn more about the settings available for automations and how to manage them.

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In your automation settings, you can manage when actions should execute, set unsubscribe criteria, and set actions in the event of an email action failure.

  • In your Funnel account, navigate to more > automation.

  • Click the name of your automation.

In the automation editor, click the settings cog in the top right corner.

Automation run times

The automation run times setting allows you to specify when this automation should run – whether that’s any time, on weekdays, or on weekends only. You can also flick on the time setting if you would like to set your automation to only run during a specific time window.


Subscription options

Choose when leads will be added to or removed from the automation, depending on whether they meet the trigger conditions.

Only run automation once per lead

Leads will only be subscribed the first time they meet the trigger conditions. A lead will only ever be able to enter the automation once.

Add all existing leads to automation

All existing leads that meet the trigger conditions will be automatically subscribed to the automation.

Unsubscribe leads once conditions are not met anymore

Leads that no longer meet trigger conditions will be removed from the automation.


Advanced options

The automation advanced options allow you to set rules around what should happen if an email action fails. Here you can choose from move lead to the next step, unsubscribe the lead from this automation, or send an internal email notification to a specified Funnel user.


If you need a hand with setting up your automation settings in Funnel, contact Digistorm Support:

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