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How to set up automation actions
How to set up automation actions

Learn how to get automation actions up and running in Funnel.

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After creating your automation and setting up your trigger conditions, it’s time to choose workflows for your automation. Workflows are functions that the automation will execute for subscribed leads.

Adding actions to your automation

  • In your Funnel account, navigate to more > automations

  • Click the name of your automation

  • Click Choose a trigger to select your automation trigger

  • Click the plus icon +


In the left panel, there are three automation workflows to choose from: if/then branch, delay, and schedule. Let’s take a look at each of these workflow types in more detail.

If/then branch

You can send subscribed leads down a particular path based on set conditions with an if/then branch workflow. In this example, if a lead received an email and opened it, they will be sent down the YES path. If not, they will go down the NO path instead.



Set an amount of time between the previous action and the next. All subscribed leads will wait the specified time in the delay before they move to the next action. You’re able to choose from three delay options.

Delay until a condition is met

Use the Delay until a condition is met action to pause leads until a specified event takes place. For example, delay a lead until they open an email.

Time delay or until the condition is met

This delay allows you to pause leads until a specified time or if a condition is met – whichever comes first.

Time delay

This delay allows you to delay your next action by a specified number of days, hours, or minutes.



The schedule workflow allows you to set a date and time in the future for your next action to take place. You may choose a specific time and date or a dynamic time.


Now that we’ve covered workflows, let’s move on to the different types of actions you can add to your automation.

Send email

Select an email to send to your leads from your pre-existing email template library. You may send this communication to all guardians or just the primary guardian.


Add to leads list

Add leads to one of your pre-existing lists if they meet the required automation conditions.


Remove from leads list

Remove leads from a pre-existing list if they meet the required trigger conditions.


Send internal email

Send an automated email to relevant internal teams once a lead meets the required trigger conditions.


Set lead details

Update lead details on a specified date once they’ve met the required trigger conditions. For example, add an action to update a lead’s stage to interview in 1 week.


Set guardian details

Update guardian details once they’ve met a specific trigger condition. For example, if the guardian attended the event chapel information session, then set either all of only the primary guardian's details religion to ‘Anglican Catholic Church.'


Add a task

Create a new internal task for your team when triggered by a subscribed lead. For example, you might like to add a note to call a lead three days after their letter of offer has been sent to help field any questions.


Add timeline activity

Add a new timeline activity to leads when required trigger conditions have been met. For example, if a lead attends the event Junior Campus Tour, add activity type tour to their timeline.


Add note

Add a new note to a lead’s profile when required trigger conditions have been met.


If you need a hand with setting up your automation workflow actions in Funnel, contact Digistorm Support:

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