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Create email templates in Funnel
Create email templates in Funnel

Learn how to save time by creating a template for regular emails.

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If you find yourself sending the same email over and over, creating an email template can save you a wealth of time and resources! Simply head over to the 'Email' module within Funnel and select ‘templates’ at the top left of the page.


From here, click the ‘create template’ button and give your new template a name. Jump into the text editor to write your email and add any documents or attachments. When you’re finished, hit the ‘save template’ button. This template will now be ready to go whenever you need it.

You can add a personalisation token to the subject line and/or the body text. You can also add an extra block such as a button, image or event. Click and drag the grey dots to the left of the block to change its position within the email.

Note: Your school logo will automatically be added at the top of your email. This logo will only show on an email draft (not the template itself). If you want to remove the school logo from the top of an email template, you can request this via Digistorm Support.

Remember, there are two template types: 'event' and 'lead'. This selection will dictate where that template is available in your system, for example, if you're sending an email from the events module only your event template types will be available. It also impacts which personalisation tokens are available to use throughout your email. If you select Event as your template type then event specific tokens will be available.

For more information, please contact Digistorm Support at

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