Funnel email recipients can manage their subscription preferences for receiving emails from your school. You can view which categories they’ve unsubscribed from by accessing the Communications module then select Unsubscribes.

This table lists out all unsubscribed guardians and which categories they have unsubscribed from.

If they've selected a reason or provided further comments, you can view this further detail by on the table also in the Reason and Comment columns.

Remember this table can also be used to identify any families that have indicated they are no longer interested in receiving information from your school so may need to be moved to closed lost.

You can use the quick filters at the top of the table to find families unsubscribed from a particular category or have provided a reason.

Note: It's important to tag your emails with the correct communication when sending to ensure those who've unsubscribed from certain categories still receive the information they are interested in.

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