What is lead scoring?

You can create lead score profiles to help order and prioritise your leads based on different lead data.

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Lead scoring is a great way to ensure that you’re offering enrolment places to your ‘ideal applicants.’ Factors that make a student a great fit for your school might include considerations such as; whether the student already has a sibling enrolled at your school, the proximity of their home, or whether they’re the child of an alumnus.

No matter what factors go into deciding that a student is a great fit for your school, you’ll want to be able to identify their application quickly – this is where lead scoring comes in. You can create and save lead scoring profiles in Funnel and assign ‘points to a lead based on various attributes that determine their value. In doing so, your admissions team will be able to view priority waitlisted applications at a glance.

Within your Funnel settings, you'll see an area called lead score, this is where you can create and save your new lead score profile by clicking the blue +new score button. You can select attributes and assign either a positive or negative number score to those attributes.

You can add as many attributes as you like within the one lead score profile. All the attributes you've selected will create a total lead score. To finish, simply name your lead score profile so that you can easily find it in the future and hit save. All leads within your Funnel system will now be assigned a score based on this lead score profile.

Now that your lead score profiles are all set up, it's time to filter them to uncover who your strongest applicants are. Filter your leads by selecting equal to or is greater than a particular lead score number to see the leads you're most interested in viewing.

Want to learn more about lead scoring? Head over to the Digistorm blog to see how lead scoring can speed up your admissions process. For assistance with any of the steps above, please reach out to our support team.

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