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How do I manage my tasks in Funnel?
How do I manage my tasks in Funnel?

Learn how to make use of Funnel's task management settings.

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Funnel enables you to assign tasks to yourself or another user, about a lead or as a general to-do for you to action.

The 'tasks' button on the top right of your navigation is where all of your tasks are managed. You can view all of the tasks in this table or use the quick filters to view tasks of interest.

Filter your task list either by those assigned to you or check on the status of those reported by you. You can then select to reorder your task table by the due date or manually reorder based on your priority by drag and dropping.

Once your task is completed, select the circle icon on the right of each task to indicate that your task has been actions.

To create a new task, simply click the 'new task' button on the top right-hand corner within the tasks module.

Tasks can also be created on a lead timeline or as a bulk action.

Note: Tasks listed in your Tasks module are only those associated to you either as the assignee or assigner. You are unable to see other Funnel users tasks unless they have been assigned to you. At this stage you are unable to update Tasks in bulk such as reassigning to another user in bulk.

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