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What is a dynamic list in Funnel and how do I create one?
What is a dynamic list in Funnel and how do I create one?

Everything you need to know about dynamic lists, and how to create them in Funnel

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Funnel dynamic lists are designed to group leads based on any set condition or field. For example, you could create a dynamic list that groups all of the leads entering Year 2 in 2030 that have never been contacted.


Your school can then save this dynamic list and refer back to it, as any lead added or updated will to match those filters will automatically be included in this dynamic list.

Existing dynamic lists are listed on the left-hand side of your Funnel account, however, if your school has never created a list this area will be blank.

To create a new dynamic list, you can create a filter in the 'all leads' view using some of the quick filter options seen across the top of the table, or select advanced filters to build something more complex as shown above.

This will generate leads that can then be saved as a dynamic list, ensuring that any future leads matching our conditions are automatically added. When you click the 'save dynamic list' button and are prompted to name your new dynamic list, you can also select to favourite this list by clicking the star alongside the name.


You can learn more about our Lists functionality in this short video.

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