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Create a lead-related task in Funnel
Create a lead-related task in Funnel

Learn how to create a follow-up task for a lead to assign to a team member or yourself.

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Funnel tasks are used to assign actions to other users within your team. These tasks can only be seen by administrators and cannot be seen by leads or their guardians.

When a Task is assigned to a user in Funnel, they receive an automated email with details of the task. To add a new task to an existing lead, search for the lead and click on their name to access the lead detail page. From here, click the 'create task' button at the top of the timeline.

Next, enter the details of your task such as assignee (it can be yourself), due date and time, and email reminders.

Note: You can also 'mention' other team members in a task, in which case they will receive an automated email letting them know that they have been mentioned. Mentions can be triggered by typing '@' followed by the user's name.

Once you've composed your task, click 'create task' and it will appear on the lead's timeline immediately. Existing tasks can be marked as complete, edited, or deleted by clicking the three dots on the top right-hand side of the task record on the lead timeline.

Creating tasks can be performed as a bulk action in the leads list screen. Learn how to see all your Tasks in one spot here.

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