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Manually add a new lead
Manually add a new lead

Learn how to manually add a lead in Digistorm Funnel

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If you've received an offline enquiry and need to add a new lead into Funnel, you can start the process by clicking the add (+) button at the top right-hand side of the header navigation.

Next, a pop-up modal will appear, so that you can complete the key guardian and child information about your new lead.

Once you've populated the information, click create lead. You'll then see a notification in the top right that links to the new lead details page. Here you can add any further details you might have about this lead.

If there's already an existing family or lead matching the details you're trying to enter, the suggested match will appear in this modal. You can review this information and choose to add a new lead to this family.

Currently, the fields on the new lead modal are not customisable so if you need to add any additional data, navigate to the lead details page once the lead is created.

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